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New Social Mission "Sons of Venezuela" to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

The “Sons of Venezuela” Mission, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Youth, will emphasize informational and training programs for adolescents in order to prevent early pregnancy, according to the vice president for social issues, Yadira Córdova.

“Given that the Sons of Venezuela Mission is an integral program – like all the Great Missions – it will be connected with Mission Barrio Adentro [dealing with health], Mission Niño Jesús [offering services for pregnant women], Mission José Gregorio Hernández [for the disabled], and of course the prevention of early pregnancies is an issue that will be touched on… We hope that adolescents involved in the mission will develop consciousness about family development,” said Córdova during a visit to the National Institute of Social Assistance in Caracas.

The community doctors that are part of the work groups of the mission will be charged with developing training and reflection activities regarding the responsibilities of parents when bringing a child into the world.

“The groups will debate and discuss how we can move toward planned families, how to take care of ourselves, how to develop balanced sexual and reproductive health and loving relationships that do not have negative consequences for the completion of studies, quality of life, or the possibilities for having a full life alongside one’s children. If children grow up in inadequate conditions, these possibilities are considerably reduced,” Córdova said.

She noted that while the Ministry of Youth will lead educational initiatives to prevent teenage pregnancy, the Ministry of University Education will raise relevant health issues with students in higher education.

“In the case of the Ministry of University Education, we have a work plan that is being developed through FAMES [the Foundation for Medical and Hospital Service for Students in Higher Education] dedicated to the prevention of health issues that interfere with academic development, and early pregnancy is certainly one of them,” Córdoba said.

The Sons of Venezuela Mission was launched in early December 2011 with the objective of reducing extreme poverty. The program offers temporary economic benefits to teenage mothers with incomes that are less than minimum wage, as well as training and educational programs to prevent teenage pregnancy.

AVN / Press – Embassy of Venezuela to the U.S. / December 28, 2011

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