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President Ch?vez: CELAC Summit is Historic for Latin America and the Caribbean

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said yesterday that the first Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) will be an historic occasion. The summit will be hosted in the Venezuelan capital city of Caracas on December 2nd and 3rd and will gather leaders from all the countries of the region to discuss common interests.

Speaking before the Council of Ministers, the Venezuelan leader said that preparations had been made to receive presidents and other representatives from 33 countries. He also highlighted the significance of the first meeting taking place in Caracas, saying it is important that Latin America and the Caribbean are uniting together here to form a single body.

CELAC was founded to defend the sovereignty of countries in the region and strengthen unity among the peoples, fostering political, economic, social and cultural integration.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Media Coverage

Venezuela will make available the latest technology in order to offer a live broadcast of the events of the meetings around the world, minute by minute, during the two days of the CELAC Summit.

Venezuela’s Communications Minister Andrés Izarra said Saturday that more than 400 journalists have been accredited and will have access to a press center with cutting-edge technology, 20 fixed technology centers and several mobile ones, various audio-visual transmission stations and two satellites to provide coverage to the region and the world.

“We are offering more than 15 centers for [media from] the region, a multi-directional signal that will have live satellite feed available and everyone can follow what is happening minute by minute,” Izarra said.

He also announced the launch of the CELAC Television Channel, a joint initiative of the Communications Ministry and the Foreign Ministry, and a website “to communicate this new heart that is being born in this very important new era.”

Awakening Popular Consciousness

Alí Rodríguez, Venezuela’s Minister of Electricity, emphasized that in Latin American “we must awaken the consciousness of the peoples,” because of factors such as the crisis of the capitalist system and the resurgence of progressive leaders in the region.

“Even in sectors that might be called conservative, there is beginning to be a new consciousness,” Rodríguez said in an interview on the privately-owned TV station Televen.

He said Latin America is gaining importance due to peace in the region, thanks to the the absence of armed conflicts and the strengthening of democracy in countries “where the right to vote is fully exercised, but not just that – the people are demanding more than just a simple vote.”

The Minister also highlighted that the aim of reunification and integration in the region has been reborn and become stronger than ever in recent years due to the central role assumed by progressive governments.

Press – Embassy of Venezuela to the U.S. / November 28, 2011

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