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Venezuelan High-Tech Medical Center To Provide Free Service

On Thursday, another High Technology Center (CAT) was opened in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, to provide free high-quality medical services, informed the Minister of People’s Power for Health, Eugenia Sader.

“This is possible in only revolution; just the revolution and the government of President Hugo Chávez can guarantee high-quality health care services with the needed high-tech equipment to benefit our people,” said Sader.

Also on Thursday, 10 newly-created medical centers run by the social program Mission Barrio Adentro II simultaneously opened: five Centers of Integral Diagnosis (CDI), four Integral Rehabilitation Rooms (SRI) and one High Technology Center (CAT), informed Sader.

Additionally, 16 health committees of the local organized communities are participating in this newly-opened CAT in Caracas to supervise that all the medical services are properly provided and guarantee attention for patients, informed Sader.

The Venezuelan minister of health highlighted that this new High Technology Center has all the medical services so the Venezuelan people can have access to free exams that in private clinics have extremely high prices.

The Centers of Integral Diagnosis are clinics that offer 24-hour emergency medical and surgical services, while the Integral Rehabilitation Rooms offer ambulatory rehabilitation services and physical medicine, including mechanotherapy, massotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, among other treatments. The High Technology Centers are clinics equipped with high-technology medical equipments that provide specialized services of imagenology, cardiology, gastroenterology, lab, magnetic resonance, 3D ultrasound, computerized tomography, among other high-tech medical exams. All the services in each of the aforementioned clinics are completely free of charge.

AVN / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / August 12, 2011


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