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Venezuelan President Begins Second Phase of Medical Treatment

After an emotional farewell with the Venezuelan people and members of his Executive Cabinet, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, returned to Havana, Cuba, to continue the second phase of his medical treatment after undergoing two surgeries to remove a cancerous tumor.

“According to what we revised with doctors, I hope to be back soon to continue my full recovery,” said Chavez during a meeting with his Executive Cabinet and members of the political bureau of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in Caracas.

Chavez arrived in Cuba after the Venezuelan National Assembly unanimously approved a request he made on Friday to leave the country to begin his medical treatment.

Venezuelans Express Solidarity to President Chavez

According to the GIS XXI polling firm, 68 percent of Venezuelans express solidarity with President Chavez for his illness, while also rejecting claims spread by private media outlets saying that everything related to his health is a “lie.”

Jesse Chacon, director of GIS XXI, presented the results of the last poll conducted in June 2011, which shows an increase of President Chavez’s popularity.

The survey also shows that 65 percent of those polled think that the president must be widely supported by Venezuelans during his illness.

Before traveling to Cuba for chemotherapy, the Venezuelan president ratified that he will remain in contact with all the members of his government.

Joined by his daughter Rosa, Chavez greeted the Venezuelan people and reiterated that he was leaving to “fulfill this new phase in my recovery process.” He then thanked “the understanding of the majority of all Venezuelans.”

Early Monday, he greeted and wished a nice day to all Venezuelans on his Twitter account. “Good morning, happy world! Good morning, beautiful Venezuela!! I’m ready here for another day of battle for life. We will live and triumph! I love you!!,” he tweeted on @chavezcandanga.

AVN / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / July 18, 2011


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