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President Ch?vez Expresses Support for Cabinet and Military High Command

During a meeting with his Executive Cabinet, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez expressed his support for his senior ministers and members of the Military High Command. He also thanked and congratulated the cabinet for its work during his absence from the country due to two surgeries he underwent in Cuba.

Chávez also congratulated the mayor of Caracas, Jorge Rodriguez, and the Head of the Government, Jacqueline Faria, for the rehabilitation of downtown Caracas and praised the participation of the Simón Bolívar Youth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, during the reopening of the Plaza Diego Ibarra, located in the capital city.

Ministry of People’s Power for Youth

During the meeting, President Chávez signed a presidential decree naming Maria Pilar Hernandez Dominguez as the new Minister of People’s Power for Youth.

Great Homes Mission (Misión Vivienda)During a live television broadcast, Chávez inspected the delivery of housing in Falcon state by Governor Stella Lugo. The homes were built with the support of the national government and local community councils, said Lugo, who also commented that 53 families would benefit from the new houses.

Chavez said that it is important to continue promoting this program to replace shacks with houses as a means to guarantee the Venezuelan people decent housing. For this purpose, he approved $232.56 million for the construction of more than 40,000 homes. "There should be not shacks in Venezuela. We must continue with the replacement of shacks for proper houses," he said.

He approved a number of resources for the construction of housing complexes throughout the country, in order to consolidate the Great Homes Mission.

Wage Increase and Resources for Municipalities Chávez also signed an authorization for a 30 percent increase in salaries for medical profession. In addition, he approved $425.35 million for governors and mayors of the various states.

AVN / Press Office -Venezuelan Embassy to  the U.S. / July 8, 2011

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