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New Online Resources Celebrate Venezuela's Bicentennial

 As Venezuela approaches the celebration of its 200 years of independence, two websites and a daily news insert have been launched to inform people about the events commemorating this important date, as well as detail the country’s rich history and allow users to browse through historic documents related to the fight for independence from the Spanish Kingdom.

 Last week, the Ministry of People Power’s for Communication and Information relaunched the main website of Venezuela's celebrations of its bicentennial ( This website aggregates news, the calendar of events and historical information (including a digital archive about independence hero Francisco de Miranda) related to the upcoming bicentennial, which will be celebrated on July 5. 

 Another website launched by Venezuela’s National Library ( allows visitors to browse through and read 150 historic documents related to the country’s fight for independence. Those documents, chosen by a team from Venezuela’s National Archives and the National Historical Center, include original and transcribed versions of the Act of Independence, letters written by independence heroes Simon Bolivar and Miranda, and editions of Correo del Orinoco, a pro-independence newspaper published at the time.

Along with the websites, a daily newspaper insert, "Independencia 200",  is being published that chronicles Venezuelan history year-by-year from 1811 to the present. Each issue, which corresponds with a specific year, includes events from that year written as if they had recently happened, fictional interviews with historical figures and information on cultural activities from the era. Two hundred of the four-page editions will be produced and distributed through 25 national and regional newspapers. The insert will also be published online in PDF Format on the main bicentennial website (

Venezuela’s fight for independence from the Spanish Kingdom began on April 19, 1810 when a Spanish Governor and Captain General was deposed by the Caracas municipal council and reached its zenith on July 5, 1811, when independence was formally declared. 

Venezuela’s celebration of its 200 years of independence will feature a variety of events and commemorative acts, and will coincide with the formal creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) during a summit in Caracas.
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