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President Ch?vez Is Recovering Satisfactorily

On Sunday Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced that he was recovering satisfactorily after undergoing a surgery in Cuba for a pelvic abscess.

During an interview, the Venezuelan president said that he was receiving good medical attention in Cuba. “I’m good, as it has been said (…) I’m being cared for very well,” he said.

Concerning his return to Venezuela, Chávez said that “it will depend on the evolution of my recovery, because it is a sensible lesion and there’s no need to hurry up.”

The Venezuelan leader said that he has full faculties and that if there was any physical handicap preventing him to govern, “I would be the first one to take a decision regarding this matter.”

He said that his surgery was satisfactory thanks to doctors’ efforts and praised the Cuban health care system. “The surgery was very successful. Fortunately, Cuba has one of the best health care systems,” he said.

Fortunately, the president’s pelvic abscess was treated on time since it was very close to the peritoneum, the membrane that forms the lining of the abdominal cavity of the colon. “I was lucky there was no infection.”

Additionally, President Chávez said that a biopsy shows that “there is not any malignant sign,” and that his wound “is more or less deep.”

As part of his duties as a head of state, he announced that the signed the enactment of the Special Law of Complementary Debt, which was recently passed by the National Assembly.

The Debt Law envisages a $10 billion debt to continue developing social programs such as Mission Housing Venezuela, to assist victims in the wave of the strong rains throughout the country over the last months and promote Mission Job.

TeleSUR / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / June 13, 2011

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