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Venezuela Looks to Expand Electronic Voting

On Thursday, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) approved a bill with a set of improvements to the country’s automated voting system, said the electoral institution in a press release.
The project will improve electronic ballots, extend security levels, incorporate an Integrated Authentication System (IAS) for voters, and optimize the production of voting machines.

According to the press release, this is one way in which the electoral branch is advancing its policy of putting technology at the service of citizens, thus allowing greater interaction between voters and the system.

These improvements will also reduce the possibility of human error in the actual voting system by offering specific developments such as ticket stubs and larger visual devices to ratify the selection of the voter before pressing "vote" as well as the ability to print the receipt with the logo of the organization for political purposes that the person has selected.
Specifically, this plan approved by the CNE provides automated optimization with the expansion of electronic ballot, facilitating the location of the options when voting.

There are also plans to redesign the ballot eliminating the oval selection, so that voters directly select the card from the organization for political purposes, groups of voters or candidates on their own initiative.

Once the political party the person will vote for is selected, a light confirming the voter’s preference before casting the final ballot.

In relation to increased security procedures including the right to vote, the directors approved the inclusion of the Integrated Authentication System (IAS), which allow the voter, at the polling station, to authenticate his or her fingerprint.

The IAS is a biometric authentication device other than the fingerprint reader that does not register voters or sequence of voting options but that will be there to ensure that the voting machine can not be activated until there is a voter registered to cast his or her vote.

Through this device, it is the voter who - once authenticated – will enable the president of the polling station to activate the voting machine.

AVN / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the USA / May 13, 2011

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