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First Phase of Second Venezuelan Cable Car System to Be Ready by September 2012

In September 2012, inhabitants of the populous community of Mariche will be able to reduce their commutes to the Palo Verde Metro station in Caracas from two hours to 17 minutes, thanks to a first phase of a cable car system that will inaugurated that month.

Mariche is a populous mountain community located in eastern Caracas, from which thousands of Venezuelans commute every day to the capital.

The construction of this cable car system, which started in 2009 and was inspected on April 27 by Venezuelan authorities, received a recent financial boost of $36 million for its completion. The project’s total cost will reach $330 million, according to figures released by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

The cable car system’s length will be about 2.9 miles, and it will have 144 cable cars, each which will fit eight people.

The first phase covers a 2.9-mile express way between Mariche and the Palo Verde terminal stations, while a second phase will include two intermediate stations: Guaicoco and La Dolorita. These two stations will be operating by late 2013, according to the Minister of Transportation and Communications Francisco Garcés. About 90,000 people live in Mariche alone.

Haiman El Troudi, President of the Caracas Metro, informed that users will be able to travel to Mariche through additional routes to board the cable car, including the Metrobus (the Metro’s bus system) and Metrorustico (the Metro’s 4×4 transportation system). Cable cars will arrive at stations every two minutes.

Additionally, the community, which has actively participated in the project, will operate the system and will be responsible for its maintenance through a community company affiliated to the Metro de Caracas, as it is the case with the San Agustin Cable Car System, a similar transit system in Caracas that has been widely recognized for its social impact.

During an inspection carried out on Wednesday with Vice-President Elias Jaua, Garcés and El Troudi, President Chávez participated via phone call and greeted the community and workers. The Venezuelan leader called to “speed up” the works to inaugurate the project on the expected date.

Garcés said that the cable car of Mariche is a significant project that has demanded state-of-the-art technology. “It’s an investment that only can be imagined in socialism. We do not hold back on expenses to give a quality of life to the people. It was unthinkable some years ago,” he said.

“It is a strategic project to improve quality of life, resulting in saved time and more security,” added Jaua.

The cable car of Mariche is the second transportation system of this kind functioning in Venezuela through cable cars. The first one was inaugurated in January 2010 in the populous community of San Agustin, located above Caracas’ downtown. It transports over 3,000 people daily, covering the route in just nine minutes.

See here some photos of the already operative Cable Car of San Agustín.

AVN / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. April 27, 2011

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