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Negra Hipolita Mission Has Benefited Almost 12,000 Homeless People

Mission Negra Hipólita, a social program carried out by the Venezuelan government and aimed at caring for those people who live in extreme poverty, has benefited 11,542 Venezuelans since it was created in 2006. The homeless, and those addicted to drugs, are some of the mission’s principal beneficiaries.

The president of Foundation Negra Hipólita, Henry Villegas, informed that out of the 11,542 beneficiaries, 2,380 citizens have overcome their homeless condition by participating in all the program’s levels of attention.

Villegas specified that the mission, supported by Venezuela’s Ministry of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Protection, seeks to rescue homeless people through different protection programs.

The Venezuelan official said that out of the 2,380 homeless people who were rescued from the streets, 580 have been socially included through the development of socio-productive projects, by meeting again their families, recovering jobs, reassuming previous capacities. “We have found homeless people who have professions like economists, professors, writers, among others,” said Villegas.

Systems of Attention

Villegas explained that people receive a first level of attention, then go to a preparation center where they are retrained on the first social habits and receive the first toxicological and medical treatment.
The president of the foundation explained that the third level of attention includes centers of social inclusion where beneficiaries receive individual and collective therapy and educational and productive training for work, which allows them to re-incorporate into society.

The Venezuelan official said that the attention system is developed in nine months if the beneficiaries do not abandon the mission’s centers of attention.

Villegas reminded that the training and attention to homeless people is carried out voluntarily, “because disposition or awareness of the condition is needed so the homeless people can go to the mission’s programs.”

He said that the Mission Negra Hipólita also develops a training program in 36 tents throughout the country, including 12 in those areas with the highest number of homeless people in Caracas.

Centers of Inclusion

Villegas said that Mission Negra Hipólita has 24 centers of social inclusion located in 10 states throughout the country to assist 1,345 homeless people. The program also has two medical centers to perform surgeries, and which also offers dentist cares, and others services for contagious diseases.

In 2011, new centers of social inclusion are expected to be opened, which will offer attention to 4,000 people.

AVN/Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / February 3, 2011

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