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Thirty-Seven Cases of Cholera in Venezuela Controlled

On Thursday, Venezuela’s Minister of Health, Eugenia Sader, informed that the 37 Venezuelans infected by cholera, who entered the country after traveling to the Dominican Republic, are out of danger after receiving adequate medical treatment.

“The death risk is controlled because the 37 people have received adequate medical treatment,” said the Minister of Health during a press conference. Sader emphasized that the health authorities are “looking for the 363 more people out of the 400 who attended a family reunion in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, January 22.”

“People must call 0800-Vigilan to receive adequate information on the treatment they must receive  (…) The Venezuelan government has joined efforts not only with the private but the public sector,” she said. The private and public sector are “coordinating so the treatment can be offered free of charge,” highlighted the minister.

Sader urged the Venezuelan population, specially the group of people who attended the event in the Dominican Republic, to cooperate in order to prevent an epidemic.

“They must go to the medical centers and take the treatment, if we do so we will prevent a cholera epidemic (…) We are sure that everybody will take the needed precautions,” she reiterated.

Sader explained that another of the measures taken by the government of Venezuela is monitoring sewage waters where the infected patients are located “to avoid more transmissions.”

Furthermore, in the country’s airports “entrances and exists of passengers are being watched,” said the Venezuelan ministers Venezuela has not reported cholera since a decade ago, informed the minister.

The cholera outbreak in the Dominican Republic was originated after a strong epidemic in Haiti spread last October due to unhealthy life conditions among the population.

The cholera outbreak in Haiti hits this Caribbean nation after a January 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. Additionally, denounces accusing the Minustah’s camp of Nepali soldiers for the epidemic were raised in Haiti.

Telesur / Press Office – Venezuelan embassy to the U.S. /January 27, 2011

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