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Venezuela Reiterates Its Position on Palmer's Nomination as U.S. Ambassador in Caracas

Hopes that Caracas and Washington Can Find Way Out

The Venezuelan Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated on Tuesday Venezuela’s rejection of the nomination of Larry Palmer as the U.S. ambassador in Caracas.

“The ambassador that had been designated by the United States committed serious violations in terms of diplomatic relations, in terms of what is customary in international law and, he disqualified himself from being able to come to represent his country, his government before our government,” said Maduro after a meeting with his Peruvian counterpart Antonio García Belaunde.

The Venezuelan foreign affairs minister said that Venezuela’s intention is to “have relations of mutual respect, of respect in terms of equality, of communication with all governments around the world, including with the U.S.” Therefore, he expressed his conviction that Caracas and Washington “can find a way out in the near future.”

“We are going to wait and see how the situation evolves,” said Maduro. “We hope that these situations are seen with enough objectivity,” he added.

Last Monday, Venezuela delivered a protest note to U.S. Chargé D’Affaires in Caracas Darnal Steuart as a rejection of the White House’s decision to insist on the nomination of Palmer as ambassador.

In July 2010, Palmer made statements against the Venezuelan Armed Forces and domestic affairs without even setting foot in Caracas. He said that the moral of the Venezuelan Armed Forces was considerably law and that due to “Venezuela’s precarious democratic institutions” it was necessary to support civic leaders, activists and journalists to work toward a positive change in Venezuela.” These statements represent a violation to the Vienna Convention, which prevents ambassadors from making meddling judgments in the receptor countries.

After Palmer’s statements, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez was emphatic about rejecting Palmer’s nomination.

Last Monday, the Venezuelan government made official the withdrawal of the agrément of the U.S. envoy.

Download here the audio (in Spanish)  of the Venezuelan foreign affairs minister.

AVN/Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. /Translated by MinCI/ December 21, 2010

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