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Venezuelan Government Offers Legal Assistance to Families Affected by Real Estate Fraud

“We all have to fight against impunity (…) The courts are there. I will keep my eyes on that (…) All the attorneys of the republic are ready to start the needed legal actions against those people responsible for this outrage against thousands of families, especially middle-income families,” said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez from Havana, referring to the government’s actions against real estate agencies involved in fraud.

“We are going to deliver the apartments (…) We are going to liberate those finished apartments from the tyranny of the real estate bourgeoisie and deliver them to their respective owners,” said the Venezuelan head of state.

The Venezuelan president asked those affected people to get organized since they will have “all the legal assistance and I’m sure that the president of the Supreme Court is willing to meet with a delegation. We are at the disposition of the affected families to demand, put in jail or apply sanctions within the law to those responsible,” he insisted.          .

Venezuelan Government to Take Measures Against Real Estate Fraudsters

Venezuelan Vice-President Elías Jaua announced on Sunday in Caracas that the Venezuelan government will take measures against the real estate fraudsters.

“There are powerful interests of those real estate companies linked to media depending on those construction companies,” said Jaua during a TV interview broadcast by the sate-owned channel VTV. Furthermore, Jaua said that all the affected owners will receive their apartments.

The Venezuelan Vice-President assured that simultaneous allocations have been detected in several apartments. “In this case, the first purchase option will be for the first buyer, but requests from other affected people will be processed as well.”

Jaua said that a scheduled plan to finish all the housing projects will be presented, which will be carried out in three phases.

The first phase is based on all those houses which are ready to be immediately delivered to their owners, while the legal process is being carried out simultaneously.

The second phase includes the cases of real estate companies affected by unfinished housing projects, by which the Venezuelan president has announced the creation of a found with the public bank to conclude those projects.

Jaua said the third phase will include all the apartments the unfinished apartments. “The original project will be revised, and assistance from the Office of the Attorney will be requested to freeze banking accounts and avoid the movement of funds.”

VTV/YVKE Mundial/Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./ November 8, 2010

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