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Public Military Conscription and Enlistment Law to Be Revised

The Commission of Defense of Venezuela’s National Assembly is considering the possibility to analyze a timely reform to the Public Military Conscription and Enlistment Law regarding military registration, stated Juan José Mendoza, president of the unicameral legislature.  

“We must affirm that the military registration is permanent, it does not expire,” he said when referring to confusion generated in Venezuela regarding the alleged need to enroll in the military registration before October 21.

Additionally, he said that “to enroll in the military registration is a duty for all Venezuelans,” as it is established in Article 134 of the Venezuelan Constitution.
“Everyone, in accordance with law, has the duty to perform such civilian or military service as may be necessary for the defense, preservation and development of the country, or to deal with situations involving a public calamity. No one shall be subjected to forcible recruitment. Everyone has the duty of rendering its services in the electoral functions assigned to them by law,” refers the article.
The Venezuelan parliament said that a first work meeting will be held on Monday, October 11 to discuss and deepen aspects to be modified.

 Military Registry Must Not Be Confused with the Military Service

The Strategic Operational Commander, General Henry Rangel Silva, urged the Venezuelan people not to confuse military registration with military service, considering the new Public Military Conscription and Enlistment Law, which was enacted on October 21, 2009. Nevertheless, the regulation of this law has not been approved yet.

“In each municipality, there is a circumscription and military enlistment, which have been constantly opened and have been receiving requests by the registry. I urge the population to stay calm and not to be manipulated regarding this matter,” he said.

Concerning the military service, General Rangel clarified, “It is a voluntary service (…) The military service is an opportunity so young people can become better citizens and get integrated to the country’s progress.”

Registration for Venezuelans in the U.S

All 18-to-60-year-old Venezuelans residing in the U.S. can go to the consular section of each jurisdiction to enroll in the military registration. The nine Venezuelan consulates accredited to the U.S. constantly have been carrying out this process. For further information, regarding the corresponding consulate, click here. 

VTV, Últimas Noticias, YVKE Mundial, National Assembly, Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / October 8, 2010

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