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Venezuela Denies Connection to ETA


The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denies and disproves, reiterating the joint statement issued on March 8, 2010 with the Government of Spain, any allegation connecting it with the terrorist organization ETA, whose activities it rejects without excuses.

The Venezuelan Government considers, as has already made public by its ambassador to Madrid, that no credibility can be lent to statements issued to a judge by two merciless criminals void of human qualities and morals. There is no doubt that, with their absurd statements, these two criminals seek to limit the severity of the sentences that justice will bring to them.

The Bolivarian Government deplores the fact that certain Spanish media outlets, along with a group of congressmen nostalgic for the Franco dictatorship, give credit to the insinuations of these two criminals, with the aim to cloud the relations of respect and mutual benefit maintained by the governments of Venezuela and Spain.

Venezuela and Spain count on a broad range of cooperation mechanism, particularly on judicial and police matters, which Venezuelan security agencies are more than willing to activate as soon as the corresponding Spanish institutions require, by means of the settled channels and procedures.”

Caracas, October 4, 2010

Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs

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