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TransAfrica Forum Highlights Achievements of Venezuelan Democracy

During the 2010 Parliamentary Elections

The U.S. organization TransAfrica Forum applauded the “smooth and transparent” work developed by National Electoral Council (CNE) during the recent September 26 legislative elections held in Venezuela.

A letter published on October 1 by TransAfrica Forum, one of the organizations that participated as an international observer during the legislative elections, highlights the achievements and claims that the Venezuelan electoral system has offered to its citizens. “With over 66 percent of Venezuela’s eligible voters participating, the elections call attention to the importance of participatory democracy and access and inclusion,” says the letter.

The U.S. organization also remarks in its letter the people’s knowledge about he voting system and the accessibility of the process.

Regarding this matter, TransAfrica Forum highlights that there is “confidence in the electoral system”, since there is “a high level of enthusiasm and participation by voters across the political spectrum.”

Furthermore, the letter states that the “system includes exhaustive auditing and protection mechanisms as well as assistance and support by Venezuelan military officials.”
The letter also highlights the existence of a protocol to address any irregularities during the process. “Protocol was followed by the observed stations authorities closely during the voting process as well as the closure of booths.”

Additionally, “any possible technical, logistical and material problems that arose prior to or on election day could immediately be addressed with local and regional CNE staff, back-up materials as well as a national call-center,” refers TransAfrica.

TransAfrica concludes its letter by highlighting that Venezuela’s electoral process “can teach us much about the power of civic participation and consistency and security in electoral systems.”

As it has occurred previously, international accompaniers such as elections experts, parliamentarians, as well as NGO and labor organizations from throughout the world participated during these elections.  One hundred fifty-six international observers and 60 political guests witnessed this important election.

A final report of the international organizations that followed the process is expected shortly, besides the already report issued by the representatives of Latin America countries, Latin American Parliamentarians, and the European Union.

TransAfrica Forum is a U.S. organization founded 1977 in order to defend the rights of the African and Caribbean peoples, as well as their descendants. Currently, the organization is remarkable by its work en several issues related to social justice in the world.

Click here to see the full letter.

Press Office/Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / October 4, 2010

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