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Venezuela's Electoral System Widely Recognized

Venezuela’s electoral system is nationally and internationally recognized, including by Venezuela’s political opposition, which requested technical support from the National Electoral Council (CNE) during its primary elections, affirmed Socorro Hernández, main rector of the electoral body.

“Venezuela’s electoral system is one of the best in the world in terms of automated process,” she affirmed.

Similarly, she added that there are two clear signs of reliability in Venezuela’s electoral system. First, the fact that the opposition itself had requested the CNE’s technical support for its primary elections to appoint its candidates for the September 26 parliamentary elections. Second, the fact that no group has promoted abstention for the coming electoral process.

Hernández highlighted the recognition of the Venezuelan people for the country’s elections. “People’s participation is the guarantee for any electoral process (…) People become guarantors of every process.”

The CNE’s rector noted that during the Third Inter-American Meeting of Experts and Representatives of Electoral Management Bodies, held in late July in Caracas, Venezuela’s electoral system received favorable critiques. In fact, it was considered as an example for the countries of the hemisphere.

Hernández also referred to the establishment of 1,186 polling centers for the upcoming electoral process. “We are pleased with that figure because it represents significant growth. If we have more than 12,000 polling stations, it is an increase of almost 10 percent.”

Moreover, Hernández explained that the new polling stations were created in residential areas. “This policy allowed us to decentralize polling stations that had too many voters, which would probably generate long lines,” she said.

Activating these new poling stations was not carried out through automatic migration of voters; instead, these were possible thanks to the registration of new voters.

Likewise, she reaffirmed that there will be mobile centers set up and taken down the day of the elections.

Venezuelan News Agency (AVN)/Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./ August 19, 2010

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