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Venezuela?s Environmental Ministry Celebrates World Water Day

Efforts Guarantee Water Supply and Treatment

Venezuela’s Ministry of People’s Power for the Environment, MINAMB, today celebrated World Water Day with national educational and cultural activities aimed at promoting the rational use of water amongst all Venezuelans.

In the nation’s capital, Caracas, activities started last Saturday with the clean-up the Chacaíto Creek and continued today with a press conference of the Minister of People’s Power for the Environment, Alejandro Hitcher, at 10:00 am, in the Museum of Sciences. Subsequently, a main act was held in the in a square in front of the museum, where more than 200 children participated.

Educational and community activities also took place in other cities of the country, including walks, meetings in squares, lectures and discussions to raise awareness regarding the use of water.

Within the framework of the World Water Day, the Ministry of People’s Power for the Environment is promoting a new conception on the use of water. This new approach, supported by community organizations for the development and use of an adequate infrastructure for water distribution, has give priority to communities that have been historically excluded.

In terms of drinking water and treatment, important infrastructure works have been developed in the country during the last 10 years, with an investment of more that $6 million. Work within organized communities, through the Water Technical Committees, has been a determinant factor for the development and implementation of such projects. The Water Committees are organizations aimed at managing the water problems within a community.

Some achievements in drinking water and cleaning-up are:

·  Culmination of the project Winka-Presa Tres Ríos Aqueduct and related works, such as the Cerro Cochino drinking water plant as well as other works that have benefited more than 800,000 inhabitants of Zulia state (Northwest).

·   Culmination of the Machango-Pueblo Viejo interconnected water system to fulfill the potable water demands in several areas of Zulia state. Furthermore, drinking water systems were improved, which reinforced the drinking water supply in the West Cost of the Maracibo Lake, thus increasing by 24 percent the availability of the resource and benefiting more than 764,305 inhabitants.     

· The Bolivarian Aqueduct of Falcón is another of the transcendental hydraulic infrastructure works. This project reaches 180 kilometers (about 111 miles) of pipeline from the Matícora reservoir to the Paraguaná Peninsula (located at Northwestern Falcón state).

·  In Venezuela’s east, the first phase of the extension project of the Clavellinos Sucre-Nueva Esparta Drinking Water Supply System has been 100 percent completed. This work will increase drinking water supply in Margarita Island, from 200 litters by second to 900 litters (450 percent of increments).

·   In Delta Amacuro state (East), important works have been developed within the framework of the Delta Plan, which amount about US$ 31,000,000 (81,700,000 bolivares) in works, two researches and maintaining plans in 14 aqueducts. It will generate 1,994 jobs and will benefit 294,700 inhabitants.

· Culmination of the rehabilitation works in the El Guapo Dam, which allows Barlovento, Miranda state, to have a reliable drinking water supply system for more than 415,000 inhabitants.

·  In terms of cleaning-up works, it is remarkable the El Chorrito sewage water treatment plant, located in Northern Caracas. Eight kilometers of collectors were concluded, (which will collect 60 percent of sewage waters of Valera, Venezuela’s West) as well as the first phase of a sewage water treatment plant that will benefit 130,000 inhabitants and generate 250 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect jobs.

·  Culmination of the Punta Gorda Treatment Plant, in Vargas state (Northern cost), currently full operating. Additionally, in Nueva Esparta state a treatment plant and the El Yaque Bombing Station were concluded, which will prevent contamination produced by sewage water deposits in the Caribbean Sea.

·  The percentage of sewage water treatment was increased in the city of Barinas (West central), which will benefit 140,782 inhabitants, through the culmination of the first phase of a treatment plant.   

Ministry of People’s Power for the Environment, Bolivarian News Agency, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press and Communication Office / March 22, 2010


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