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More than 58 percent of Venezuelans Support President Hugo Ch?vez's Performance

More than 58 percent of the Venezuelan population supports President Hugo Chávez’s performance, according to the report issued by the Venezuelan Institute of Data Analysis (IVAD). The report also says that if there were presidential elections in the near future, the Venezuelan president would be elected with a majority.

The survey, carried out around the country between January 16-28, shows that 58.3 percent of Venezuelans consider that President Chávez has had a good performance, while 38.9 percent considers that he does not, reports Telesur’s web site.      

The poll has a margin of error between 1.03 and 2.37 percent.

According to the report, the three most supported political parties are the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), headed by President Chávez, (33.8 percent) followed by the National Labor Union (6.1 percent) and Acción Democrática (5.4 percent).

Forty-nine percent of the survey participants, when asked about whether Venezuelan opposition parties should win the majority of the seats in the National Assembly, said that opposition candidates should not control the National Assembly, while 41.5 percent said the opposite.    

Regarding the people’s opinion about the measures taken by the Venezuelan administration to improve the energy problems in the country, 51.7 percent said that they agree, while 40.8 percent disagree.

When asked about whether they think that the Venezuelan administration will be able to solve drought problems in the country, 47.2 percent of the survey participants said it would be able to, while 45.2 percent said that it would not.       

In this sense, 32.2 percent considered that the problem is due to a natural phenomenon, since it has not rained enough; 24.6 percent said that it is the government’s responsibility and 18.5 percent said it is due to the lack of people’s consciousness.
Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the Unites States Press and Communications Office / Bolivarian News Agency / January 7, 2010

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