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President Ch?vez from Copenhagen: Capitalist Model Is the Cause of Global Warming

It is necessary to revise models of consumption in order to advance in reducing global warming. “Change the System, not the Climate” was one of the slogans supported by the Venezuelan president.   

Copenhagen, Denmark.- The capitalist model of consumption is the cause of global warming and the devastation of the planet, said Hugo Chavez, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

During the XV United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Copenhagen, the Venezuelan president pointed out the importance of discussing the cause of global warming, which he considers is capitalism.

“Let’s talk about the cause; the cause is the destructive metabolic system of capital incarnated in capitalism.”

Regarding that issue, he supported complaints of countries such as Bolivia and China which denounced that the document to be signed in the climate talks as neither democratic nor inclusive.

“They denounce the document as neither democratic nor inclusive. Isn’t that the reality of the world? What we live on this planet is an imperial dictatorship and we keep on denouncing it. And this is an example of it -- exclusion. There is a group of countries that think they are superior to us. There is no democracy in the world and we are here one more time facing a global imperial dictatorship.”   

The Venezuelan leader mentioned the hundreds of young protesters that are in Copenhagen speaking up and claiming for concrete actions that allow reducing global warming before it is too late.

“There are a lot people outside, protesters, most of them are young people (...) you can hear their slogans. Two meaningful slogans, among others, are written in the streets. One reads as follows: ‘Change the System, not the Climate.’ I take it for us. Let's not change climate, let's change the system and we will save the planet. The other slogan that calls for reflection is ‘If climate were a bank, it would have already been saved’.     
President Chávez considered that climate change is the most devastating environmental problem of the current century, but emphasized that some countries have more responsibility that others because of their models of consumption.

“Seven percent of the entire world population, those 500 million richest people, are responsible for 50 percent of the polluting emissions.”

Referring to the final draft that would result of this conference, President Chávez emphatically assured that the ALBA members “do not accept any other text that does not come from the working groups that have been working in the conference. I do not think it is logic that a document appears from nowhere now.”

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Photo: Prensa Presidencial

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