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Venezuelan Government Does Not Recognize Electoral Farce Conducted by Honduran Dictatorship

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs


The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates that it does not recognize the electoral farce conducted by the Honduran dictatorship last November 29. Furthermore, it rejects the results issued by the illegitimate institutions of the de facto regime.

In addition to the unconstitutional context in which the process took place, November 29 was marked by police and military violence against the Honduran people, most of who refused to validate the fraudulent and decided to not participate. Among the small number of registered voters, thousands were forced to go to the electoral centers and cast ballots.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela condemns the statements issued by a small group of governments recognizing the election since they represent a serious offense against democracy in the continent, as well as a violation of the practice of regional coexistence within the framework of pluralism observed by the states of the region in recent years.

It is outrageous to those of us who believe in the value of our word that some Latin American governments have validated a dictatorship, especially considering the November 5 Special Declaration of the Group of Rio on Montego Bay, Jamaica, which stated: "The return of President José Manuel Zelaya to the post he was elected to by the Honduran people is a prerequisite to reestablishing the constitutional order, the rule of law and the democratic life in Honduras (...) and to make it possible to recognize the results of the elections on November 29."

The stance of the United States administration is especially shameful since it was the main author of the coup d'état staged on June 28, 2009 in Honduras. Its statement recognizing the electoral fraud of the Honduran dictatorship was delivered even before the de facto regime issues the official results.

With this crude electoral sham on November 29, the rigged electoral processes and brutal methods of the right-wing return to our continent to impose by force their model of economic, political and social domination. The administration of President Barack Obama now openly joins the tradition of violent relations with our continent, thus bringing back to memory the disgraceful eras of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, among others.

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will continue, together with the Honduran people and decent governments of the region and the world, to take all actions leading to the isolation of the dictatorship in Honduras and the reestablishment of full and true democracy.

Caracas, November 30, 2009

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