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Passports Extended Abroad Continue to be Valid until Expiration Date

According to the Administrative Service of Migrant and Immigrant Identification (SAIME)

The Administrative Service of Migrant and Immigrant Identification (SAIME, formerly ONIDEX), announced that passports with expiration date extended by Venezuelan embassies or consulates will continue to be valid for entry and exit of Venezuela until the date of their expiration.

"The consulates are authorized to extend passports, and therefore, these travel and identification documents will not meet with any type of problems," read an August 25, 2009 statement from the Communication and Institutional Relations Department at SAIME.

In past statements, the Director General of SAIME, Dante Rivas, announced that passports extended with affixed stamps would only be valid to enter and exit Venezuela until December 31, 2009, although the extension stamp showed a later date.

At that time, Director Rivas did not clarify that passports extended in Venezuelan embassies and consulates abroad are exempt from the measure and consequently will continue to be valid until the stated date of extended expiration.

Citizens with extended passports in Venezuela that do not possess extension stamps from Venezuelan consulates or embassies should therefore solicit a new one. 

Biometric Passports for 2010

Starting in January 2010 some Venezuelan consulates and embassies will issue biometric or electronic passports. Different from the current passport, which is issued to the citizen the same day, the new biometric passport will be given with an issue date later than that of the appointment. This is due to the fact that solicited passports must be manufactured and sent to the citizen at a later date.

To date, Venezuelan embassies and consulates have continued to issue non-biometric passports, which do not comply with the latest standards of international security, but they continue to be accepted globally without problems.

Several nations, including the United Kingdom, accept Venezuelan tourists without a visa, if they posses the Venezuelan biometric passport.

SAIME Press Unit,, Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States / September 2, 2009

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