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Mission Miracle has helped nearly One Million Latin Americans in less than Five Years

Since Mission Miracle began in October of 2004, more than 980,000 patients, among them Venezuelans and foreigners, have had their sight successfully restored through surgical intervention.
The Minister of People’s Power for Health and Social Security, Carlos Rotondaro, announced Thursday that the increase in attention to ophthalmologic patients is due to the increased resources of care centers, outfitting of new technologies, recruiting and training of human resources and coordination between different state organizations.   
Appearing on a Venezualan state TV program, Rotondaro emphasized the improved communication between public entities such as the Ministries of Health, Labor, Finances, and Defense, and institutions such as Maiquetía International Airport, the National Integrated Service of Customs and Taxes (SENIAT) and the Simón Bolívar Center (CSB). “This integration has permitted us to serve a greater number of patients,” said Rotodaro.
“This work, coordinated and sustained among public entities is presided over by the vice president of the Republic and has allowed each hospital or center to operate on 200 to 300 people weekly, reaching a number close to 1 million 700 thousand patients,” informed Rotondaro.
According to the Ministry, Mission Miracle is part of complex of social and humanitarian programs that have permitted the revival of the national health sector in the last ten years.
 “This revival of the health sector is done to serve the population and to pay the social debt that had been growing for so many years.”
Rotondaro said there are 46 centers nationally, among them hospitals, the care centers of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security and the ophthalmologic center of Vargas state, equipped and ready to permanently care for patients, in which the Venezuelan people are the priority.
Bolivarian News Agency (ABN), Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States / August 27, 2009

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