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Venezuelan Navy Seizes more than One Thousand Kilos of Cocaine in International Waters

The Bolivarian Coast Guard of Venezuela seized 1,059 kilograms of presumed cocaine in international waters in collaboration with a North American frigate.
The Minister of People’s Power for the Interior and Justice, Tareck El Aissami, accompanied by Navy Commander Admiral Carlos Maximo Aniasi Turchio, announced the seizure during a press conference at Juan Crisóstomo Falcon Naval Base, Punto Fijo.
According to El Aissami, the seizure was made on a boat intercepted in international waters 340 miles northeast of the Los Monjes archipelago in the west Colombian Caribbean.
The boat had no identification or flag that would indicate it was Venezuelan, but “given that there is international recognition of the Bolivarian government of President Hugo Chavez, the North American authorities, on the basis of an identification made by one of the crew members, proceeded in accordance with the Vienna Convention and requested the authorization of our government.”
“Although the proceeding did not take place in our territory, it reflects the willingness of the Bolivarian government of President Chavez to collaborate in the fight against trafficking in illicit drugs,” stated the minister.
El Aissami indicated that “this proceeding contradicts accusations and statements that presume our government does not collaborate in the fight against drug trafficking.”
“With this I have no doubt that we continue advancing on the correct path, with sovereign policies in the fight against trafficking in narcotics,” expressed the Minister.
Admiral Aniasi Turchio indicated that since 2001 the Coast Guard has seized more than 62,500 kilos of cocaine and marijuana and approximately 7,100 liters of liquid cocaine.
Bolivarian News Agency, Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Status / August 26, 2009

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