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Minister El Aissami Rejects Colombian Attack against Venezuela in Terrorism Case

The Minister of People’s Power for Interior and Justice, Tareck El Aissami, in the name of the people and the government of Venezuela, rejects the Colombian government’s latest attack and defamation against Venezuela, which implies that the Venezuelan State would protect terrorists or irregular armed groups. 

“These acts of aggression are part of an international campaign against the government of President Hugo Chavez to make it seem as though the Bolivarian government supposedly supports and protects terrorists or irregular armed groups.”

The Minister made this statement during a press conference on Monday in response to the Colombian government’s most recent attacks on the Venezuelan government.

El Aissami stated that the Colombian government has dedicated itself anew to discrediting every action, effort and labor undertaken by the Venezuelan government to fight drug trafficking and the criminal organizations that operate from the Colombian border.

The Case of Mexican national Lucia Andrea Morett Álvarez

The Minister indicated that the Venezuelan state was notified last week by Interpol Caracas that Interpol Bogotá had contacted them regarding the situation of Lucia Andrea Morett Alvarez, a Mexican national. Morett Álvarez survived an attack perpetrated last year in Ecuadorian territory by the Colombian Army.  During the invasion several members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) were killed, among them comander Raul Reyes.

El Aissami emphasized that the important point to highlight in this case is that the Colombian authorities have requested the extradition of this Mexican national this Mexican citizen under the allegation of crimes which are stated in the notification. The Minister was emphatic in denying that the Mexican citizen ever had any type of migratory movement within Venezuela, “that is to say, she has never been to Venezuela, neither is she currently in the national territory.”

“In an irresponsible manner, Interpol Bogotá notified Venezuela as well as Mexico, with information issued to both countries as part of the Interpol system, that the aforementioned citizen is supposedly in Venezuela, that she traveled in the country in the last few days from Mexico, and consequently they are requesting information from the Venezuelan state about the  migratory movements of the woman in question..”

The Minister categorically affirmed that this claim is an attempt to involve Venezuela in a new international scandal based on defamation and manipulation.

Bolivarian News Agency, Press Unit of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States / August 3, 2009

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