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Statement by Ambassador Roy Chaderton Matos - Permanent Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the OAS

Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the OAS

Washington D.C., July 22, 2009

At this stage, we state the obvious when we say that the Government of Venezuela, like each and every one of the Governments here represented, only recognizes as the rightful Government of the Republic of Honduras the one that arrived to the Presidency of that sister country through democratic means; which is to say, that of José Manuel Zelaya. Conversely, and since it does not recognize any de facto authority which arises from the violation of constitutional norms and principles, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela does not acknowledge receipt of the spurious authorities’ announcement of its intention to evict all the diplomatic and administrative personnel assigned to our Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

For these reasons we shall denounce as accountable before international justice any person who may be responsible for abuses against the human dignity and physical integrity of these Venezuelan citizens during the course of the threatening circumstances that we expect they will be confronting very shortly.

The international extreme right, and particularly the inter-American, anti-democratic, violent and fascist right which is being advised by experts in the manipulation of hearts and minds, is making preparations to spark incidents throughout our continent intended to serve as distractions, while they attempt to turn Washington into a Mecca in which destabilizers may locally find friendly ears in certain radicalized circles of power that are frightened by the wave of social changes that is spreading in the Americas, and are anxious to divert the attention of media controlled by their interests so that it concentrates on President Hugo Chavez.

The recent intensification of verbal, audio-visual and administrative attacks against President Hugo Chavez Frias, along with the recent cybernetic constructs which seek to frame President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, another leader who has also embarked on the road towards democracy with social justice, has revealed to us the grim determination of the most violent and privileged sectors of society.

The social changes in Venezuela, which received the people’s approval through a long and continuous string of elections and popular consultations of a magnitude that had never occurred before in Latin America, have contributed to the awakening of a continent that was, in any case, bound to reject exclusion, social injustice and the dictatorship of the media, a media that has become a new way of waging war. However, it is now the peoples who will say the last word.

It strikes me as odd that the globally orchestrated campaign to present Venezuela as a drug trafficking rogue State should originate from the territories of the world’s largest producer of drugs and its largest consumer. The sanctimonious obsession that seeks to certify and decertify countries and governments according to the whims and convenience of those who have the Biblical beam in their own eyes, seeks to create conditions which progressively may contribute to an assault on the democracies that have dared to choose dissent and independence. But the paradox is that, for those who wish to induce fires, peace and cooperation would be cheaper than war and destabilization, and would have as additional advantage the fact that they would avoid getting burned.

Nevertheless, only a demented extreme right wing would contemplate arming obliging bases in strategic territorial crossroads so that warmongers, inebriated and emboldened with the smell of gunpowder on foreign lands, may seek to ignite the prairie and see it go up in flames, without considering that the wind may turn, and forgetting that their own spaces may be not only combustible but also fire provoking. However, for the historically violent the temptation to unearth old hypotheses of cross-border expansion, spurred on by their fantasy to be joined by a muscular adoptive brother and to take advantage of disloyalties in a familiar geographical vicinity, proves to be irresistible.

But what madness this is! Only an extreme right-winger or a global military fanatic could entertain the notion that we are going to lower our heads precisely at the moment in which we are celebrating the bicentenary years of our independence from the olden empires.

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