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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Ministry of People?s Power for Foreign Affairs - STATEMENT

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela resolutely and utterly rejects the absurd declaration made by Dora Shavit, the Director of Latin America and the Caribbean for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, in which she purports to link the Bolivarian government with activities of political military organizations that have nothing to do with the political reality of our country.
These ridiculous statements are part of a plan formulated by the Israeli ultra-right with the purpose of encouraging and promoting a wide variety of actions against the government and people of Venezuela.
The Bolivarian government demands that the Israeli authorities terminate their policy of destabilization in Latin America, directed at progressive governments and sovereign peoples, and at the same time demands that they make a commitment to implement the necessary action to bring Israeli war criminals to international justice so they can be severely punished.
Only regimes such as the one in Tel Aviv, whose history has been written with the blood of innocent civilians, could have the audacity to accuse a peaceful government like Venezuela of the atrocities that they themselves commit daily. The terrorists that today endanger the lives of thousands of innocent people do not train in the Venezuelan Guajira, but rather, in the barracks and public buildings of Israel.
Caracas, July 21, 2009

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