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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Ministry of People?s Power for Foreign Affairs - Statement

On July  21, the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela received an absurd communication from the illegitimate authorities installed in the Republic of Honduras, announcing their intention to expel all diplomatic, administrative, technical, and service personnel from the Venezuelan diplomatic mission within 72 hours, threatening to rescind all privileges that international law assigns to members of diplomatic missions.

The Bolivarian government, together with the international community, does not recognize the illegitimate authorities that have installed themselves as a de facto regime in the Republic of Honduras, and therefore does not recognize the content of said communication as it does not constitute an official declaration of the constitutional and legitimate government of that nation.

The Venezuelan government will use all necessary resources to preserve the integrity of its diplomatic mission in Tegucigalpa and the personnel accredited to the constitutional government of the Republic of Honduras, and urges the public officials of the Honduran state to abstain from dispensing injurious treatment to any member of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Honduras, under penalty of incurring a serious violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that would bring about international responsibility for the Honduran State.

The Bolivarian government, together with the people of Venezuela, reaffirm their solidarity with the noble Honduran people in this difficult moment in history, and at the same time trust that, sooner rather than later, the sovereign will of the people, expressed with valor and courage in the streets of that brother nation, will prevail over the abuses and violations of the usurpers.

Caracas, July 22, 2009

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