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Venezuela has Second Highest Number of Cocaine Seizures in South America

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has the second highest number of cocaine seizures in South America. The United Nations reports this, according to declarations made this Wednesday by the Minister of People’s Power for the Interior and Justice Tareck El Aissami.
The affirmation was made by the Minister while presenting a series of reports on drug seizures in operations of the Bolivarian Government. He detailed the confiscation of various aircraft linked to drug trafficking. ElAissami refuted the article published in the daily paper El Nacional, entitled, “Narco-route Suspended in Honduras,” which stated: “the political crisis that has affected Honduras since June 28 has had an unexpected effect: drug traffickers leaving Venezuela and passing through the Central American country have suspended their activities.”
Minister El Aissami stated that the capture of narco-trafficking aircraft was maintained with support from the legitimate government of constitutional president Manuel Zelaya Rosales “who was the victim of a coup d’etat on June 28, and since then a dictatorial, unconstitutional military regime has been installed in the nation.”
 “We detected this type of aircraft that penetrated our territory, and we informed the Honduran authorities, and they activated methods of search and detention and captured those aircraft thanks to the support of the government of President Zelaya and the coordination of their forces,” explained the Minister.
He underscored the fact that now, a lack of coordination with the de facto regime of Roberto Micheletti, traffickers are practically protected, which creates a climate of impunity in the narco-trafficking networks that utilize Honduran airspace.
El Aissami expressed that the El Nacional article’s editor made a false statement, indicating that the UN World Drug Report states that Venezuela moves approximately 109 tons of cocaine destined for US markets. The Minister clarified that the newspaper treats this as official information, but that the UN never stated at any point that Venezuela transits 109 tones, “instead, it states that a much higher percentage has been seized a percentage.”
“From Venezuela we have combated this scourge with force and have struck the criminal organizations that commit these offenses, moreover, we arrest the heads of these narco-trafficking networks. Facts such as these demonstrate the appropriateness of anti-drug policies implemented by a responsible government, like the government of Hugo Chavez Frias,” he asserted.
In his opinion, these types of signals “are considered specters, what they wish to hide is the reality that as a result the coup d’etat an aberrant regime took power by force in Honduras and threatens the protagonist democracy of the peoples of Latin America, for which we respond firmly, with resolution, to this type of misinformation and we continue advancing in our fight against drugs.”
Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN), Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States / July 16, 2009

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