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Demanding Justice for the Cuban Five

Opening of the Exhibit “From my Altitude”

(Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States, July 10, 2009) The art exhibit “From my Altitude” opened on Thursday, July 9th in Washington, DC with works by Antonio Guerrero. Guerrero is one of the five Cuban prisoners held in the United States for attempting to uncover plots against Cuba by terrorist organizations in Miami. The exhibit is currently housed in the Salon Andres Bello, the cultural space of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington DC.
Ambassador Jorge Bolaños, Chief of the Cuban Interest Section in the US and Dr. Angelo Rivero Santos, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela were in attendance for the opening. Also present was Jose Pertierra, Venezuela’s attorney in the extradition case of Luis Posada Carriles, as well as diplomats, academics, the media, politicians, and solidarity groups. 
“Historically, our countries have been united in different struggles. Today, once again, we are united in the fight against terrorism, social injustice, and for sovereignty and dignity,” said Rivero Santos during his opening remarks. For his part, Ambassador Bolaños emphasized that “both nations have been victims of the management of the US government in the extradition case of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and the unjust detention of the Cuban five.”
According to Attorney Pertierra, the Cuban Five were in the United States solely to collect the evidence necessary for the FBI to arrest the anti-Cuba terrorists that operate in this country. These “terrorist groups are responsible for the assassination of more than 3,400 Cubans during the last four decades,” Pertierra explained.
Pertierra pointed out that President Obama’s “responsibility is to rectify the injustice against the Five.
According to Guerrero, his art reflects a longing and nostalgia for his homeland, Cuba, during more than 10 years in prison. Among the most representative works is “The Door of My Cell.” The work represents the long hours in which Guerrero was completely isolated in his cell, called “lockdown.” He was restricted to the four walls of his small cell for more than 33 months.
This exhibit is open to the public until July 22nd from 9:00am to 1:00 pm and from 2pm to 5pm at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington, D.C. located at  1099 30th Street NW. Washington, DC 20007.

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