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Ambassador Chaderton: OAS Has Been Troubled for a Long Time

According to Venezuela Ambassador Roy Chaderton, the Organization of American States (OAS) is an institution that has been troubled for a number of years. Likewise, he asserted that the Charter of the OAS is full of terrible contradictions.  
Chaderton made these statements in an interview with Telesur, which raised the subject of sanctions against Cuba and the possibility of lifting them. 
The ambassador indicated that after 60 years of existence, the OAS still has serious flaws that could be discussed. “(There have been ) Mistakes committed by members of this organization which were always neglected, at times with internal complicity.” 
He stated that this institution needs to correct these mistakes and “put itself at the service of the people of this continent, instead of oppressive minorities throughout the hemisphere.” 

The Venezuelan ambassador to the OAS mentioned that Article 3 of the Charter of the OAS establishes that “every state has the right to choose, without external interference, its political, economic, and social system and to organize itself in the way best suited to it, and has the duty to abstain from intervening in the affairs of another state.“
“Thus, we are facing an inexplicable and unjustifiable situation in the 21st century,” stated the ambassador.  
Likewise, he questioned the resolution of 1962, in which the organization expelled Cuba on the basis of links to Marxism-Leninism and with Sino-Soviet bloc.  
“We could ask ourselves whether that bloc ever existed if we take into consideration the split between the Soviet Union and China, despite their ideological affinities.  Furthermore, most countries in the world today have normal relations with the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, which arose from the ex Soviet Union.

Chaderton pinpointed the incoherence of the resolution through which the OAS expelled Cuba from the organization.  
Regarding the Final Declaration to which the delegations of the attending nations of the 39th General Assembly of the OAS ought to subscribe, the Venezuelan ambassador emphasized that Venezuela argues that “any conditions placed on lifting  the embargo against Cuba are unacceptable.” 
“After 47 years of a measures that are totally anachronic and belongs in the paleontology  of international politics, attempting to use arguments or hidden agendas to continue sanctioning Cuba makes no sense whatsoever,” stated Chaderton. 

Bolivarian News Agency (ABN), Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States / June 3, 2009

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