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Minister Chac?n: 77 out of 100 Venezuelans have Internet Access

For every 100 Venezuelans, 77 of them have access to the Internet. Jesse Chacón, Minister of People’s Power for Science, Technology and Medium Industry, confirmed this information during Sunday’s opening of an Infocentro in the Ali Primera sector of Falcón state (northeastern Venezuela).

Infocentros are centers for information and communication spread throughout the country where people have complete access to a number of information services, free of charge.

The minister, accompanied by the president of the Infocentro Foundation, Nancy Zambrano and Governor Stella Lugo de Montilla, expressed his satisfaction with the opening of the Infocentro "that we hope will become a gathering place for work and transformation."

"This is the part of the work we are doing to give Venezuelans the right to full information access. When we arrived here, the rate of access was not even 5% and now we are at 77%. For every 100 Venezuelan, 77 have Internet access, and this puts us above the average for Latin America," said the minister.

Chacón stated that the antenna installed in the Infocentro "points at the Simón Bolívar satellite and today it allows us to advance much quicker in providing access and guaranteeing that the community has the means to use information and communication technology as a tool for development, inclusion and collective work."

The president of the Infocentro Foundation, Nancy Zambrano, indicated that with this opening, the number of Infocentros in the country stands at 653. There are 53 in Falcón, which puts it just below the Capital District for number of centers. At the same time, centers were opened in the states of Táchira, Aragua, and Monagas.

Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Press Unit of the Embassy of the BolivarianRepublic of Venezuela / June 1, 2009

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