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Government Shows Proof of Fraudulent Vehicle Sales of Zuloaga's dealerships

The Minister of People’s Power for Interior and Justice, Tareck El Aissami, demonstrated, with documents in hand before television cameras, the fraudulent sales that Guillermo Zuloaga made on a group of vehicles between his own two dealerships (Toyo San and Toyo Club). For this reason, the minister stated that the raid on the Zuloaga residence last Thursday was in response to illegal activities.

The minister considered as a manipulation the allegations of certain private media outlets, among them Globovision, the channel of which Zuloaga is president, suggesting that the raid was due to political reasons.

The minister explained that many Venezuelans are on waiting lists at dealerships to purchase vehicles, while there are mafias that offer vehicles faster, but at double the cost.

Minister offers details regarding the case

“In a zone in Eastern Caracas, in a private residence, were founded several vehicles, which were reported to the authorities, and proceedings were initiated to enter the domicile of the residence,” explained El Aissami.
Likewise, the minister stated that “it is determined, and there are documents that confirm, that there were fraudulent sales of these vehicles between two dealerships, both being the property of Zuloaga, which are Toyo San and Toyo Club, in Valencia, in the State of Carabobo.”
“In December of 2008, the Toyotas entered the country, and were invoiced to the two dealerships in February 2009. Later, these vehicles were found hidden at the private residence of Zuloaga,” added the minister.

El Aissami called the attention to the fact that not one found vehicle in the residence had an individual owner, but all were supposedly invoiced to businesses or individuals.

In the days before this procedure other sites in Caracas were discovered hiding vehicles, explained the minister.  In fact, up that date the Ministry of People’s Power for Commerce had made several inspections and had obligated dealerships to release for sale more than six thousand vehicles that are requested by the population.

El Aissami asserted that there are mafias dedicated to this delinquent method and that the case of Zuloaga is just one of those cases. “We are facing punishable conduct of economic groups that would sow doubt and victimize through the media. This is not political persecution, what happened is that they were accustomed to cheat and nobody saying anything,” he added.
The minister congratulated the Scientific, Penal, and Criminal Investigative Body, and the Institute for the Defense of People for the Access to Goods and Services (Indepabis), and other institutions of the state that participate in the detection and punishment of criminal activity, allowing the advance of the fight against corruption.

Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States / May 26, 2009

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