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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela- Ministry of People?s Power for Foreign Affairs- Statement

The People and the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela express to the People and Government of South Africa their deepest fraternal congratulations for the recent election of Mr. Jacob Zuma as President of the Republic of South Africa and for his ascent to that high office today. 

The election and taking of office of Jacob Zuman confirms the commitment of the people of South Africa to the principles of Nelson Mandela, leader of the struggle against Apartheid, defender of unity without discrimination and national hero of the movement for the liberation of South Africans and their democratic national revolution.

Venezuela and South Africa share the same dream, the creation of balanced world, under the principles of self determination of peoples, nonintervention, multi-polarity, the sovereign use of natural resources and fighting poverty and any other form of segregation. President Jacob Zuma, emergent leader from the popular base and the African National Congress (ANC) share in guaranteeing the deepening of these ideals.

On this auspicious date, the Venezuelan people wish toshow their sincere desire to intensify bonds of friendship and strengthen bilateral relations, which will benefit both our nations and permit us to reach “the greatest possible happiness”, as was the dream of the Liberator Simon Bolivar. At this jubilaBnt time, may the people of South Africa be assured of the commitment of all Venezuelans on the path toward unity between our peoples, and may we be guided the ideals of Nelson Mandela: “After climbing a high mountain, we discover that there are other mountains to climb.”

Caracas, May 9, 2009

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