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Ten Barrio Adentro Popular Clinics Inaugurated

Continuing the social policies implemented by the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the president of the Republic, Hugo Chavez, announced the inauguration of 110 Barrio Adentro I popular clinics. The Venezuelan leader made the announcement during his Sunday program Alo Presidente (#329), broadcast yesterday from the Autonomous Service of Pharmaceutical Elaborations (SEFAR), located in Las Adjuntas, southeast of Caracas.

President Chavez indicated that additionally five new Comprehensive  Diagnostic Centers  and Integral Rehabilitation Facilities had been inaugurated. At the same time the President announced the inauguration of 17 projects within the framework of the Barrio Adentro III plan, part of a governmental policy on the remodeling of public hospitals.
The Head of State said that with these inaugurations the number of Barrio Adentro I popular clinics reached 3,606; the number of Integral Diagnostic Centers 482; Integral Rehabilitation Facilities 545; and 23 High Technology Centers for a total of 4,565 new attending facilities for Barrio Adentro I and II.

Referring to Barrio Adentro III, the president indicated that advances have been made in the construction of 6 general hospitals, which are located in Merida, Guarico, the Capital District, Miranda, Barinas, and Apure. These will be general hospitals that will also specialize in fields such as urology, maternity, oncology, gastroenterology, toxicology, and cardiology.

These six hospitals are the first of the 15 new hospitals that will be constructed nationwide. Likewise, the Venezuelan leader highlighted the fact that currently a total of 175 hospitals and attending facilities are being equipped and restructured within the framework of Barrio Adentro III.

President Chavez reminded listeners that in spite of the global economic crisis produced by capitalism, in Venezuela, quality healthcare service is guaranteed to the people, as is the continuing investment in Venezuelan society.

Presidential Press, Press Unit of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela / May 4, 2009

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