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Venezuelan authorities deport F?lix Cantillo Burgos

On Wednesday, April 22nd, Venezuelan authorities deported Colombian citizen Félix Cantillo Burgos, who has been wanted by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) on a red notice since 2008.  Cantillo is suspected of trafficking heroin.

Cantillo was deported from Maiquetía Auxiliary Airport, in the state of Vargas.  Minister of People’s Power for the Interior and Justice, Tarck El Aissami, processed his deportation, along with the Director of the National Anti-Drug Office (ONA), Néstor Reverol, the Director of the National Office of Identification and Immigration (ONIDEX), Dante Rivas, and the Director of the Corps for Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC), Wilmer Flores Trossel.

Minster El Aissami explained that Cantillo was first being transferred to San Antonio del Táchira and will then be handed over to the Colombian Department for Administration and Security (DAS).

Félix Cantillo Burgos was capture on Friday, April 17th, in Caracas by CICPC agents.

This man is believed to be part of a criminal organization that traffics heroin to the United States by using people to carry it through Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Furthermore, the organization has drug production laboratories in Norte de Santander, Colombia.

Félix Cantillo is also known as Javier Cantillo Burgos, and according to authorities, he belongs to a cartel that traffics approximately 85% of the heroin produced in Colombia.  28 members of this cartel are currently in jail in the United States and Europe.

Minister El Aissami emphasized that the capture of this man is due to the intelligence work of the ONA in conjunction with the CICPC.  The Minister publicly recognized the ONA, the CICPC and all every security officer that works ethically and with moral fortitude.

Furthermore, El Aissami highlighted that the Bolivarian government once again affirms its fight against drugs with this action.  He reiterated Venezuela’s willingness to collaborate with any country in the world on this manner, as long as the country’s sovereignty is respected.

Nearly 15 tons of drugs seized

The Minister also said that to date, nearly 15 tons of different types of drugs have been seized by Venezuelan security agents.

National Anti-Drugs Office Press, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / April 23, 2009

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