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Agriculture Ministry reduces prices of wheat and milk

The Minister of People’s Power for Agriculture and Land, Elías Jaua, announced a new pricing system involving a reduction of prices for things such as milk, bread and pasta, as well as an increase in the minimum price offered to producers of rice and corn.  The price drops will be between 4 and 19 percent.

According to Minister Jaua, the price of powdered milk will fall between 13% and 19%, depending on the brand.

The measures reflect a decline in global food prices.  This consequence of the international financial crisis “has created a sustained reduction in global food markets in terms of primary goods consumed at high level worldwide, such as wheat and powdered milk,” Jaua affirmed.

Due to the fall in wheat prices, the price of normal sliced white bread has fallen by 11%.  Different varieties of wheat-based pastas have fallen in cost by 4%.

Minister Jaua also said that the prices of type A and B rice paddies will increase slightly in order to guarantee a fair price to producers and respond to production goals.  The production goal for rice this year is 1,405,000 tons, while for corn it is 3,390,000 tons.  This represents an increase of 5% and 13%, respectively, compared to 2008.

Jaua made these announcements from the state of Aragua, where 43 tracts of land where recovered in a joint program with the National Land Institute (INTI) and regional agencies.  These lands, which amount to a total of 4,311 hectares, were idle or fallow and are ideal for the production of legumes, tubers or other vegetables, although they will produce white corn in the first stage of their recovery.

The action was done under the framework of the Misión Zamora ‘Tierras y Hombres Libres’ (Free Lands and Men), a national plan promoted by the Agriculture Ministry.

Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN), Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / April 21, 2009

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