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Statement - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Ministry of People's Power for Communication and Information


To the CEV: Venezuela has chosen the path of peace, equality and justice

A new statement from the hierarchy of the Venezuelan Catholic Church joins the ranks of extremist voices that are attempting to create a climate of destabilization in the country.  Of course, this new declaration is not surprising.

Since 1998, the leadership of the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela (CEV) has taken a position against the proposal for transformation offered by President Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution.  The role of this small group of bishops in the 2002 coup d’état is also well known, having endorsed, by their presence in Miraflores Palace, the fascist regime that attempted to impose itself on our country.

This time, in its statement “Holy Week: Reconnecting with God and with one’s neighbor”, the CEV, as it has on many other occasions, employs alarmist language, to say the least, and claims that the democratic system is in “serious risk of collapse.”

This declaration from the CEV was made as justice is arising in Venezuela, as President Chávez has said.  These winds of justice are arriving to end impunity and strengthen the fight against corruption.  Neither the people nor the Venezuelan government can accept that actions taken in this regard should be labeled as “political polarization” or “morally unfit”.  Even the Bible speaks of forgiving evil and sin, but without leaving them unpunished. (Exodus 34, 6-7)

We therefore reject this new statement by the CEV, which over the last decade has become the bearer of messages from the most unruly opposition sectors.  We note that the only risk of democratic collapse that the country has been subjected to in the past ten years was blessed by the CEV, and we reiterate that there is currently no place in Venezuela for actions of this kind.

Following an entire decade of Episcopal statements and declarations committed to destabilizing the country, spokespersons for the CEV should already know that the Venezuelan people cannot be manipulated.  This is a people that have chosen the path of peace, equality and justice.

In this Holy Week, we urge officials from the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela to reflect deeply about the positions they have taken.  Positions that, instead of defending and protecting the worthy interests of the people, are designed to protect, defend and shelter murderers, the corrupt and rapists in complicity with the most sinister sectors of the pro-coup opposition.


Translation by the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office

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