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Venezuelan National Guard dismantles 5 drug labs and seizes 1,500 kilos of cocaine in T?chira state

Five drug labs that produced high purity cocaine were dismantled by agents of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) in the Bolívar municipality of the state of Táchira, which borders Colombia.

The National Anti-Drugs Commander of the GNB, Division General Jesús Antonio Bermúdez Hernández, announced that one and a half tons of cocaine were seized at these labs.

“The evidence shows that the dismantled labs had the capacity to produce between seven and eight thousand kilos of drugs per month,” he affirmed.

General Bermúdez also noted that the operation uncovered nearly 10 thousand liters of different chemicals used in the production of high purity drugs.

“We will continue our investigations and sweeping the area with the GNB and Venezuelan army along the border region to face the organizations and people that work in these labs,” he said.

The General highlighted that around 50 people worked in the five drug laboratories.

“As the investigation continues, we believe that eight international drug cartels, which operated in the border region between Venezuela and Colombia, were involved in the construction of the labs,” Bermúdez said.

He also indicated that the drug processing centers were located in the town of Novilleros in Bolívar municipality, close to the Táchira River and just meters from the border with Colombia.

General Bermúdez emphasized that at the national level, the GNB, in coordination with the National Anti-Drugs Office (ONA), has dismantled 17 drug labs, has seized over 5 tons of drugs, and has impounded six planes linked to drug trafficking as well as 33 vehicles.

“This is another hard blow to drug trafficking networks because drug trafficking operations in the country are being minimized,” he stressed.

Bermúdez indicated that no arrests were made because several people in the area crossed the border upon noting the military presence.

YVKE Mundial, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / April 6, 2009

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