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Minister Jaua: FAO training experience to be applied in Venezuela

In order to strengthen the government’s public policies for the training and formation of technical capacity of farmers, the Ministry of People’s Power for Agriculture and Land, in conjunction with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), are undertaking a workshop to discuss experiences and public policies.

This announcement was made by Agriculture Minister Elías Jaua, who said the goal is to make the FAO’s vast experience available to Venezuela.  He noted that this experience will be adapted to fit conditions in the country and to have a socialist focus.

This workshop, which is part of the Symposium on Technology and Research Transfer, features the participation of FAO representatives and experts from Latin America.

Jaua explained that the government has requested the support of this organization in order to systematize policies relating to training, capacity-building and research towards strengthening the efforts being made to help farmers.

“The great investment effort made by the government, over the past four years, in which four billion dollars a year have been invested for the development of infrastructure, financing, agro-industrial development and mechanization, must be accompanied by an effort of equal magnitude in the training and capacity-building of farmers,” the Minister indicated.

This will ensure that the funds invested by the state through incentive, subsidies and loans for farmers, will translate into greater production that will let the country attain food sovereignty.

With regards to this, Jaua said that “this will be accomplished if farmers know how to manage crops [and] pests, [and] know how to place their products in the best conditions; this will be achieved in part through cooperative efforts with the FAO.”

The Minister then explained that cooperation with the FAO will include sending technical personnel to train officials and farmers, who will then travel to the countryside to share this information with other farms.

Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / April 2, 2009

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