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Congressman Delahunt characterizes meeting with President Ch?vez as positive and constructive

Following a Thursday meeting with President Hugo Chávez, U.S. Representative William Delahunt said it was “a short conversation, just two and a half hours long, and we only managed to talk about three fourths of the world; it was a positive and constructive meeting.”

The President of the Republic, Hugo Chávez received Congressman Delahunt in Miraflores Palace.  Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro also attended the meeting.

The Congressman added: “I am leaving feeling much better about the possibilities that exist between the United States and Venezuela.”

He told a group of journalists that he does not like taking questions about what his conversation with President Chávez “since [the meeting] allows us to say things in private that contribute to an improvement of relations between the two countries.  Foreign Minister Maduro was present during the conversation and he can speak to the contents of a constructive conversation.”

“As President Obama has said, it is very important to have dialogue.  I know the Obama administration wants to improve our relations, not just with Venezuela, but with all countries, because his goal, as is my goal and President Chávez’s and also Foreign Minister Maduro’s, is to have a world in peace, a world without poverty, a world where the human rights of each woman, each man and each child are respected,” he continued.

Representative Delahunt added that “all the unpleasantness should be behind us, but we should learn a lesson from it.  Thank you Nicolás [Maduro] for participating in this meeting, and we will see each other in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Foreign Minister Maduro characterized Delahunt as a “friend of Venezuela” and indicated that it was a “very good conversation with President Chávez, exchanging ideas about how to evaluate current world events and always with a great mood of friendship.”

Prensa Presidencial, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / March 20, 2009

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