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Statement - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Ministry of People's Power for Economics and Finances

The Ministry of People’s Power for Economics and Finances, along with its Foreign Currency Administration Comission (Cadivi), categorically denies the rumor that claims the Ministry is contemplating the elimination of the Authorization for Foreign Currency Acquisition mechanism for payments for online purchases to firms outside of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.  The Ministry also denies that it is considering eliminating other measures related to the acquisition of foreign currency for consumer payments abroad.

Globovisión, a private television channel, spread this rumor, violating the minimum criteria of journalist ethics by making no effort to verify the information.

This type of rumor is part of a destabilization campaign denounced by the Executive branch, and aimed at affecting the national financial system and creating a tense climate in the country by causing fear in the public and inducing them to make nervous purchases via internet.

March 17, 2009

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