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Minister Mantilla: Expansion of Health Ministry functions will strengthen care

The transference of social welfare and protection issues to the Ministry of People’s Power for Health will allow it to become stronger and more efficient in its care for communities.

Jesús Mantilla, Minister of People’s Power for Health and Social Welfare, made this announcement and also emphasized that the Ministry will continue with programs such as ‘Misión Negra Hipólita’ (which fights homelessness and extreme poverty), ‘Misión José Gregorio Hernández’ (which offers health care to people with disabilities), as well as other institutions such as the National Council for People with Disabilities (Conapdis), among others.

In a statement to Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN, the Bolivarian News Agency), Mantilla explained that his office will assume every program, project, as well as every human and financial resource related to social welfare and health.

Furthermore, he indicated that meetings between representatives of both ministries (the Ministry of Participation and Social Development was merged into the Health Ministry the week of March 3rd) have been taking place all week, with the goal of integrating it and continuing the different plans and projects of fiscal year 2009.

“We believe that with this transference we can work better, more intensely, and with a greater health presence in social issues. . . . The Health Ministry and its integrated component is dedicated to working with communities and with public health; that is why we guarantee we will strengthen these activities,” Mantilla said.

Regarding the guarantee of job security for personnel that previously worked for the former Ministry of People’s Power for Participation and Social Development to the Health ministry, Mantilla expressed that they can count on the government to offer stability within the recourse of the law.

Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / March 10, 2009

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