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Minfra initiates plan to rehabilitate roads throughout the country

The Ministry of People’s Power for Infrastructure (Minfra) initiated a plan to rehabilitate roads throughout the country, thus continuing the government’s implementation of transportation policies.  

Infrastructure Minister Diosdado Cabello made the announcement during a press conference on Wednesday held to discuss the results of Operation Safe Carnival 2009.

“We have identified the roads that are in poor condition.  During the course of Carnival 2009, the heads of the Ministries of People’s Power for the Interior and Justice (MIJ), Tareck El Aissami; and for Tourism, Olga Celia Azueja; [as well as] the Director of Civil Protection, Luis Díaz Curvelo, among others, toured national roads with me, where we were able to confirm the problems of different highways,” he said.

The Minister noted that signs and street markers are some of the problems detected.  He also denounced the placing of political propaganda on street signs, which confuses people may not be familiar with the roadways.

Cabello indicated that the majority of Venezuela’s roadways are in good conditions, but there are some stretches that have problems with signs as well as potholes; these problems will be dealt with through the plan.

Furthermore, he referred to the need for constant maintenance of roadways, which is why a plan to restore the Pan-American Highway is underway and will be spread throughout the country.  Minister Cabello also said that the Minfra has $1.4 billion for new projects to rehabilitate roads and build new ones.

Cabello continued by saying that the Minfra is working on plans, both in the short term and in the medium term, that will help solve the problem of traffic jams.

He reiterated that the proposed ‘Pico y Placa’ plan and the ‘Plan de Día Libre’ from Miranda state authorities, which will begin on March 2nd, will not work because they are isolated measures.  Cabello then affirmed that it is not up to governorships or mayoralties to regulate vehicular traffic.

“These plans, which were not consulted nor coordinated with the proper agencies, have no viability in the future,” the Minister said, before emphasizing that Article 7 of the Lay for Ground Transit states that only the Minfra is authorized to make decisions to control traffic anywhere in the country.

Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / February 26, 2009

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