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3rd CNE report: With 99.75% of the vote counted there are 6,319,636 Yes votes

According to the third official report about this Sunday’s referendum for a constitutional amendment from the National Electoral Council (CNE), of the 11,724,224 votes counted so far, 6,319,636, or 54.86 percent, were for the Yes vote, while 5,198,006 votes, 45.13%, were for the No vote. 

Tibisay Lucena, President of the CNE, in a Tuesday press conference with CNE Directors Sandra Oblitas, Vicente Díaz and Germán Yépez, reported the referendum’s results with 99.75% of votes counted.

She said an event announcing the final results of the referendum is scheduled for Wednesday, February 18th.  The CNE is currently waiting for results from 347 automated polling stations and 0.35% of the manual vote, the majority of which come from isolated areas as well as from Venezuelan Embassies and Consulates around the world.

Lucena noted that so far in the process, 11,724,224 votes have been tallied; equivalent to an abstention rate of 30.08%.

Regarding the performance of the technology platform and the electoral system on Sunday, Lucena indicated that 34,332 voting machines were installed, of which 34,248, or 99.75%, have transmitted their results.

Regarding the number of voting machines there were replaced during the elections, she explained that only 6.65% were substituted, a number which is lower than what was registered during the November 23rd elections, when 7.8% of machines were replaced.

Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / February 17, 2009

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