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Jewish community affirms its satisfaction with investigation over Caracas synagogue vandalism case

The Venezuelan Jewish community affirms its satisfaction with and expressed gratitiude for the investigation done by the Corps for Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) in the case of the robbery and vandalism of a Caracas synagogue.

That is what Elías Farache, president of the Israeli Association of Venezuela, said during a press conference with Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro, CICPC Director Wilmer Flores Trosel, and Minister of People’s Power for the Interior and Justice Tareck El Aissami, among others.  The press conference was held to inform the public about progress in the investigation into the case.

Farache read the following statement:

“The Jewish community of Venezuela is grateful to the President of the Republic, Hugo Chávez; the Foreign Minister, Nicolás Maduro; the Director of the CICPC and its entire team of excellent professionals; and the Public Ministry, for their interest in the case and their diligence in the investigation to apprehend the perpetrators of this act.  We hope the judicial process sheds new light on the motivations and planning behind the case.

The national government has expressed its commitment to fight to eradicate sentiments foreign to Venezuelan tradition and to return peace and tranquility to our parish.  We are convinced that we could only achieve this through a frank dialogue that has been opened.

The Jewish community of Venezuela is profoundly grateful and moved by the expressions of solidarity and affection we have received from every sector of Venezuelan society.”

Minister El Aissami affirmed the internal complicity of one of the synagogue’s guards with the head of the criminal group that perpetrated this vandalism.

So far 11 people have been arrested, eight of them from different police agencies, two of them common criminals and the synagogue guard.

A sector of the opposition attempted to incriminate the national government as being responsible for the event.

For Minister El Aissami, this position, which has been debunked with the investigation’s results, was proposed to throw off the official investigation.

To watch the press conference, please click here

To read the transcript of the press conference, please click here

Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN), Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of  Venezuela Press Office / February 12, 2009

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