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Synagogue vandalism suspects transferred to court

Commissioner Wilmer Flores Trosel, Director of the Corps for Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC), said that 11 suspects in the synagogue robber were transferred to court early on Tuesday morning. 

Trosel indicated that investigations are still underway following the capture of four more suspects.  “We now have commissions in the interior of the country searching houses and serving warrants follow the capture of those four subjects,” he said, while also noting that they have been “fully identified.”  The suspects are civilians and two of them go by the names “Richard” and “Andrés.”

The CICPC Director noted that “the crime was presumably a robbery” but emphasized that “no other theory should be ruled out.”  He also highlighted that they know that the person “who planned this terrorist act against the synagogue” was the Rabbi’s former bodyguard, Edgar Alexander Cordero, who worked “in complicity with a guard and police officials.”  With the capture of four other suspects, it is presumed that the motive for the crime will be uncovered, but for now “political [motives] cannot be ruled out.”

Edgar Alexander Corder, an officer with the Metropolitan Police (PM), was the personal bodyguard of Rabbi Isaac Cohen.  This allowed him to know details of the movements inside the Caracas synagogue.

Some media have reported that the synagogue’s attackers were attempting to steal approximately $93 thousand that was allegedly in the temple’s strongboxes; these safes were opened during the six hour incursion.  The Rabbi had supposedly refused to give Cordero a loan in December.  Yadira Torres, a CICPC detective who is under arrest for the crime, is the wife of Francisco José Pérez, an official with the PM who also took part in the crime.

Speaking on Telesur, Elías Farache, President of the Israeli Association of Venezuela, thanked policies agencies for their work, which he characterized as quick and effective.  He also thanks President Hugo Chávez for his help.

YVKE Mundial, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / February 10, 2009

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