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Seven officials and four civilians arrested in synagogue case

Within the next few hours, the Public Ministry will present eleven people to the Metropolitan Caracas District Court.  Among the eleven are five officers from the Metropolitan Police (PM), one detective from the Corps for Scientific Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC), an officer from the Caracas Polices, and four civilians, all of whom are alleged to be involved in an attack on a Jewish synagogue, located in the Caracas neighborhood of Maripérez, on the night of January 30th and morning of January 31st.

District Attorney Cristian Quijada and his assistant Gustavo Li Chang, will charge Frank Luis Piñate, Francisco José Pérez Díaz, Edgar Alexander Cordero, Charyls Angelo and José Milla, all of whom work for the Metropolitan Police, for breaking Penal Law and the Organic Law against Organized Crime.

Also to be charged are Detective Yadira Torres, from the Homicide Division of the CICPC; Luis Eduardo Castillo Guerrero, a deputy inspector from the Caracas Police assigned to a Motorized Brigade; and Víctor Eduardo Escalona Lovera, the synagogue’s security guard who had been subpoenaed by the Public Ministry.

Three other civilians were also arrested: Rafael Enrique Colina Mogollón, Harvey Enrique Colina Mogollón, and Orlando José Pérez Díaz.  These people were apprehended during raids on Saturday night and early Sunday morning in different areas of Caracas.  They too will be charged by the Public Ministry.

While carrying out different searches of houses, the Public Ministry collected various pieces of evidence.  Three motorcycles were also seized, two of which belong to the Metropolitan Police.

Public Ministry Press Release, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / February 9, 2009

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