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Foreign Minister Maduro: Venezuela hopes for relations with the new U.S. administration based on respect

The Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Nicolás Maduro Moros, affirmed in a press conference on Tuesday that Venezuela hopes that new relations based on respect, cooperation and rapprochement will arise with the United States government.

Speaking from the Antonio José de Sucre Yellow House (which houses the Foreign Ministry), Foreign Minister Maduro referenced the Summit of the Americas, which will take place in April and includes the United States: “We are very optimistic in the sense that from here to April doors will continue to open in order to restore or establish a new kind of relations on the continent.”

“Our continent has suffered 100 years of attacks from relations marked by hegemony, and we hope for relations of respect, cooperation and rapprochement based on international law,” he added.

The Foreign Minister also referred to recently declarations by the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  He noted that the U.S. President announced a series of measures to guarantee energy supplies for his country that are part of his government’s domestic policies.

“We respect domestic decisions, but we ask for equal respect for the sovereign decisions of our country, of our region of South America; finally, respect for those of us who have embarked on this path,” expressed Maduro.

Foreign Minister Maduro explained that leaps and bounds have been made to guarantee energy stability for the next 100 years in Venezuela, and our brothers in the Caribbean and South America with mechanisms such as Petrocaribe.

Regarding a possible meeting between President Barack Obama and Lula da Silva, he emphasized the “President Lula has always spoken well for South America.  He is a brother President, a friendly President, loyal to the great causes of independence and sovereignty.”

After being asked about the naming of ambassadors to both countries, Maduro replied that “any step taken in re-establishing ambassadors on the part of the governments of the United States and Venezuela will surely have to wait, and in their moment we will responsibly begin to announce any stop towards this.”

“We hope that times goes by and that relations can be put forward correctly and in the best possible way with the new U.S. administration,” said Foreign Minister Maduro.

Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Press, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / January 28, 2009

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