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Joint Statement From The Presidents Of The Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela And The Republic Of Argentina


Caracas, January 21st and 22nd, 2009

Her Excellency, the President of the Republic of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in an official visit to the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela, and President Hugo Chávez Frías, had a fruitful meeting towards revising the state of bilateral relations and different topics within the intense and wide agenda for 2009, reaffirming the existing bonds of friendship between both peoples and governments.  They also spoke about topics of mutual interest relating to current events in the world and region.

1.  Affirmed the high level of relations between the two countries, which are strengthened and energized based on the principles of solidarity and complementarity.  Highlight the efforts undertaken by both governments in the development of policies to fight poverty, achieve social inclusion and the development of our peoples, and reiterate their commitment to continue working together.

2.  Signaled with approval the significant progress in the execution of contracted commitment in the different instruments of cooperation in the areas of: energy, agriculture-food, science, health, industry, technology, social, and the communal economy.

3.  The Presidents reiterated the importance of technology transfers and social conversion in the development of collaborative actions that the institutions of both nations are taking, with their needs and potentials in mind so as to guarantee complementarity and solidarity for the social and productive development of our peoples.

4.  Coincide in highlighting and celebrating the important level of technical cooperation that links the two countries through diverse Ministries and numerous public and private institutions, and in considering that, on the basis of this, the conditions are set for a worthy increase in bilateral cooperation in this especially relevant matter, on the eve of the next meeting of the Argentinean-Venezuelan Permanent Mixed Commission.

5.  The Venezuelan government is grateful for the support given by Argentinean institutions in the matter of technology and knowledge transfers for the implementation of the Plan for “Socialist Factories”, which is set to strengthen the industrial technological development of Venezuela; while reaffirming their determination to continue working on the second stage of the equipment project for socialist factories and making progress in joint bi-national projects towards development and industrial cooperation and the formation of mixed firms in the agro-food and agro-industrial sectors, among others.

6.  Both Heads of State have reached a consensus in arranging the 2nd Session of Argentinean-Venezuela Industrial Cooperation, which is to take place before or during the next Argentinean-Venezuelan Permanent Mixed Commission meeting.

7.  As part of this, they affirmed the will to lead the search, through the corresponding authorities of each government, for new areas of cooperation in manufacturing and technology, agreeing, in the first place, on the possibility attending, with machines and engineering services of Argentinean origin, to the requirements of the Agrarian Corporation of Venezuela (CVA) in the areas of construction and updating of technology in a complex of refrigeration plants, dairy processors, and the manufacturing of soy and sunflower oil and fruit juices.  This agreement is to include health industry requirements, with a special emphasis on hospital equipment, as well.

8.  The Presidents expressed their satisfaction for the great number of contracts signed by MPPILCO-CORPIVENSA with Argentinean export firms for the supplying of industrial supplies such as overhead traveling cranes (FORVIS S.A.), electric generators (CETEC S.A.), shotblasters (BLASTING S.A.), drills (BURANI S.A.), silos, dryers, cereal processing plants and oil products (FIMAVEN S.A.).

Additionally, they congratulate each other for the prospects of previous supply accords with the CVA, such as: refrigeration (GEPIC S.A.) and machinery for the dairy industry (ETI S.A.).  They also congratulated each other for the signing of a contract that provides 2,800 tones of meat from the Argentinean firm LOGROS S.A. to PDVSA-BARIVEN.

9.  The Presidents affirmed their satisfaction for progress made so far in joint energy development projects.  Furthermore, they celebrate the growing participation of Venezuelan industry in Argentinean hydrocarbons and Argentinean industry in Venezuelan hydrocarbons, which contributes to energy security and the reduction of existing asymmetries in the distribution of energy resources in the region.

They also approve, within the framework of this visit, the signing of an accord between PDVSA and ENARSA for the joint study of four mature fields: Caricari, Socororo, Yopales Norte and Cachicamo, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which will encourage complementarity and will strengthen the technical capacities of oil firms in both countries.

10.  Emphasize the achievements and express their intention to strengthen the bonds of technical and scientific cooperation in the agro-industrial and agro-food sectors, such as the promotion of technological development of food industrialization unites or agro-industrial services in different areas of basic production; also promote an exchange of officials, technicians and producers, with the goal of sharing experiences and fomenting cooperation for development of a system of mutual cooperation in the areas of agricultural research and technology transfer, towards creating, applying and disseminating technologies that lead to improvements in the production process of the main agricultural and fisheries systems of both countries.

11. Reaffirm the interest of both governments in promoting cooperation in the fields of health, education, medical science and technology, based on accords, both signed and pending, between both countries, with a special emphasis on the development of programs and/or projects of technology in those areas, through the training and development of human resources, specialist exchanges, technology transfers in specific fields of health and medicine, projects in the areas of hospital equipment, pharmaceutical production, capital stock for health industries and joint public and private development, as well as any other program or policy agreed on by the countries, which will translate into a benefit for our health care systems.  In this context, the Argentinean government is particularly grateful for the contribution of 51 thousand yellow favor vaccine doses supplied by the Venezuelan government.

12.  Consider it opportune to join efforts for the exchange of socio-labor experiences, with the goal of establishing bases for the development of jobs, programs, projects and actions of mutual interest, based on the policies of a comprehensive strengthening of socio-labor administration and management.

13.  Both Presidents highlight achievements in the strengthening of education, training, technical assistance and technology transfers in the field of the communal economy.  Furthermore, they are pleased to see their governments’ initiatives for joining efforts in the exchange of experience and the design of programs that promote the inclusion of every social sector in industrial production development and make the social economy more equitable and participatory.

14.  In the framework of principles that have historically encouraged siblinghood between the two peoples, both Presidents affirmed the mutual interest of their governments in deepening the understanding and sharing of cultural and artistic values of both countries, as well as the joint production of cultural goods and events that promote participation and restore the contributions of our communities, towards strengthening solidarity, integration and pluri-cultural identity.

15. Highlight the signing of accords between the two countries for the undertaking of cooperative projects in the areas of energy, health, agro-industrial development, complementary production, socio-labor, ground transportation, civil aviation, development of human resources, sports, air shipping, drug crimes, research and technology transfer; a list of signed agreements is attached to this Joint Statement.

16.  Are pleased by the realization of the next meeting of the Argentinean-Venezuelan Permanent Mixed Commission, which will be hosted by the city of Buenos Aires in the first quarter of 2009, and will determine the constitution and operations of the High Level Bi-National Commission.

17.  The Presidents express the interest of their governments in jointly celebrating the Independence Bicentennial, through cultural events, sports, the publishing of works relating to the liberation by Simón Bolívar and José de San Martín, among others.

18.  The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates his country’s support to the legitimate, sovereign rights of the Republic of Argentina over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgias and South Sandwich, and the maritime spaces around them, and affirms support for the resumption of negotiations between the governments of the Republic of Argentina and the United Kingdom towards reaching, as fast as possible, a fair, peaceful and definitive solution to the dispute over sovereignty, conforming to the successive and reiterated resolution of the General Assembly and the Special Committee for Decolonization of the United Nations, and the declarations of the Organization for American States over the “Question of the Malvinas Islands.”

The President of the Argentina is thankful for the continuing solidarity for the people and the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Argentina on this issue that has such clear regional interest since it affects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Argentina.

19.  Emphasize efforts that move the countries of the region forward to face and ameliorate the effects of the deep crisis of the international economic system, while reaffirming the belief that actions towards bi-national economic integration are very important measures in this context.

20.  Both Presidents express the importance of completing the process of full incorporation for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela into MERCOSUR and reiterate their aspiration that this incorporation is quickly finalized.  They express that the incorporation of Venezuela into MERCOSUR will constitute an important contribution to the strengthening of the process of regional integration.

21.  Highlight that MERCOSUR is the right venue for deepening policies of regional solidarity, productive integration and economic insertion of its economies in this context.

22.  Both Presidents highlight progress in the activation of the Bank of the South, supporting the declaration of those countries that participate in the process of forming this regional financial mechanism over its important role for a more harmonic, equitable and full development for South America.

23.  Congratulate each other for the convening and results of the Salvador de Bahía Summit in Brazil in December 2008, a worthy process contributing to Latin American integration, and express their commitment to continue advancing in upcoming meetings in Mexico in 2010 and Venezuela in 2011, strengthening the union and solidarity of our peoples.  They congratulate each other for formally incorporation the Republic of Cuba into the Rio Group, a regional mechanism for political agreements.

24.  Signal the need to promote an international system with clearer rules for coexistence, in which the United Nation and its Security Council, insofar that it is the primary mechanism for peace and international security, should continue to have a fundamental role.

25.  Agree that every State ought to improve its actions relating to climate change, on the basis of a fair and effective multilateral effort that takes into the account the principle of common but differentiated responsibility based on the respective capacity and circumstance of each nation.

26.  Both Presidents celebrate the announcement of a cease fire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip, and emphatically call on all parties to comply with its obligations in respecting Resolution 1860 (2009) from the United Nations Security Council and urge a process of dialogue and negotiation.

Furthermore, they express their commitment to efforts by the international community to urgently face the alarming humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
President of the Republic of Argentina

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías
President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Translation by the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Press Office / January 23, 2009


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